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Hidden Gems: Local Businesses & Creatives You Should Know

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series. Check out some of our latest local gem features below.

J. Reed

I began rapping in the 6th grade. I would battle rap during lunch just about every day. For me, it was just a fun way to pass time, and so I freestyled for years before ever writing. In 2009 I started writing a song every day, and in 2010 I released my first mixtape. I got great feedback from my hometown, Inkster, MI, and so I kept going. Music was and always will be an outlet for me. Music gives me the opportunity to get things off my chest, share stories about my upbringing, and keep legacies alive. & I love that others can relate and heal because of my music. I carry so much responsibility as an artist. Read more>>

Jennifer Haf

BLOOM was started in 2008 in response to our love for sharing cut garden flowers from our Northern Michigan backyard. Having studied under some of the most celebrated designers in the floral industry, our team has produced hundreds of regional and destination events, we love local flowers in their natural form best, and have recently taken over operations at a nearby organic flower farm now named Spirit of BLOOM. We offer our flowers in our European-inspired flower and gift shop and exclusively to our event clients. Read more>>

Chelsea Williams

I have always had a curiosity about jewelry and jewelry making since a child. From girl scouts, at a young age to high school, I’ve been making my own custom jewelry. I think my love for accessories grew the most during high school when I started to get more interested in fashion and shopping. Often times while shopping there wasn’t very many stores that carried plus-size clothing, let alone trendy plus-size clothing. So, I decided to make the best of my shopping trips with my straight-size friends. I would immediately go to the accessories section looking for the next way to jazz up the outfits I already had. There weren’t very many fashion choices for me at that time but I was determined to make the best of what was available to me. This ideology from the mid-2000s followed me until now. Read more>>

Tamya Walker

When I was younger, my mom and grandma, and always went to MAC for lip glosses, lipsticks, and overall cosmetics. I’ve always loved lip glosses even as a young girl, I kept a tube on me! So, about a year and a half ago I started doing makeup (1of1Beats) as I started to grow and progress, I told myself “This isn’t enough” I wanted more and have more to offer to my clients and future clients. So, I started my cosmetic line (1of1BeatsCosmetics) “Cosmetics for the IT girls” providing 11 different colors for everyone! Read more>>

Skitzo Michigan

Most of everything is in my bio I sent that over in my EPK But I started in high school with friends and rapping for my mom’s drunk friends as a kid They use to give me change and I would take my bros and sister to the store That’s when I got the music bug for performing. Read more>>

Olivia Vargas

I have had a soft spot for music my whole life. I grew up singing and writing songs in my bedroom on my keyboard. I decided to go to Aquinas College to study music, although self-taught my whole life. I moved from my hometown of Canton, MI across the state to Grand Rapids. I ended up meeting so many great musicians and friends while I was there and fell more in love with music. I joined a band called Conrad Shock & The Noise and began to get involved in the West Michigan Music Community. This was my first taste of performing around town and I quickly realized this is what I wanted with my own music. I started my own band, in August, midway through college and we eventually also got heavily involved in the music scene. Both bands have given me amazing opportunities as a young female musician. Read more>>

Kendall Rollins

I am a self-taught photographer and videographer, born, raised, and still residing on the West Side of Detroit. I actually got my start in photography by taking pictures of my shoes; I am a “sneakerhead”, and I’ve always enjoyed showcasing my shoe collection. I could produce some really creative pictures of my collection with just my iPhone. As people in my life began to take notice of my photos of my shoe collection, they would comment, and tell me that I needed to get a real camera, and take photos of a more professional variety, and to be honest, I didn’t think much of it. I found myself on Facebook Marketplace one day, looking up “real” cameras after having done some research on the best camera for a beginner to buy, and I spotted a Canon Rebel T3i, listed for $200. I’ll never forget it; it came with two lenses and two batteries. I contacted the seller, we met up, and since that moment, it has been me and my camera. Read more>>

Heather Bunkelman

I have always loved taking photos for as long as I can remember. I started taking my photography seriously in 2014 and a few years later my focus shifted towards Fantasy Photography. Integrating my hair and makeup skills with my photography really allowed me to create an entire mood and transform my models. I became a full-time photographer in 2019 and could not be happier to create beautiful pieces of art for a living. Read more>>

Hillary Voight

I have a background in marketing, design, and public relations which was an industry I enjoyed prior to my current venture as a realtor. After about ten years in the PR/marketing world, I was feeling screen fatigue–8+ hours at a computer were not filling my extroverted soul–I was truly plateaued and was craving to work face-to-face with people. I also wanted the reward of helping individuals meet their personal goals. During my career rethinking phase, I had a number of my real estate industry friends suggest and encourage I to join the field. In March of 2018, I completed the coursework and licensing exam to obtain my real estate license, which I’m so grateful for having gone out of my comfort zone, as I am now in a career that fulfills me. I quickly learned I needed to forfeit my marketing position to fully dedicate my time and schedule to my clients. Read more>>

Katie Lack

I grew up always loving a good list, things in order, and a good party. So, it only seemed fitting to explore wedding planning! I started out reaching out to/working with another planner to gain some perspective of what it was really like. With time, I decided I wanted to pursue wedding/event planning more, so I decided to start my own business! Read more>>

Meme Green

My journey was one of triumph and resilience. I was born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit. My father was brutally murdered when I was 2 years old and my mother went to prison when I was 7 years old. I was born into trauma, but I always had a desire to experience something different. I went to Catholic School for the majority of my life. I pushed my way through college at Detroit Mercy. Eventually, leading me to Capella University to receive my Masters of Science-Marriage & Family Therapy. Read more>>

Dean Beanz

I always had music in my life as a kid and the thirst to be the best at whatever my attention was locked on at the time. Growing up poor, we simply didn’t have resources, so I used whatever I could put together. My first stereo was a bunch of pieces I found in the attic that I dismantled and put back together. I started break dancing then, I got into rapping. I immediately wanted what the stars had but again, we were poor. So, I took one of my mom’s tape decks and recorded the mixes off of the radio to create pause mixed instrumentals to rap on. A pause mix is when you use a dual cassette tape deck to record a 4-bar loop from another tape, then take the tape deck out and rewind it back with your finger or pencil at the exact moment there the loop stops and re-record it until you have 5 minutes of music. Read more>>

Barb Baker

Hi! I’m Barb Baker…a tv host, commercial actor, championship Oakland University track and field coach, championship Ohio University athlete, homebrewer, world-traveling beer seeker, 1st Level Cicerone, President of Fermenta, Wine Brand Owner, and most importantly the Siren of Stout. I started in craft beer and wine over 20 years ago. Starting with my first taste in college to my first experience at an Irish pub “trying” or opening my pállate to an Irish stout to my first time at a Michigan brewery sipping on a stout…which became part of my moniker (the Siren of Stout) because it was so delicious. I noticed when I went to beer events, beer bars, beer festivals, or breweries, I was often the only woman there and always the only person of color there. Read more>>

Kelly Dunlap

My story began as a young teen. The patterns and habits I would carry into my mid-40s began around the age of 14 when I had my first experience with alcohol. Every weekend my friends and I would hang out at the football games and go to parties after. This led to promiscuous behaviors and a mountain of guilt and shame. When I was a junior in high school, I had gained 50lbs from many nights of partying and hitting up Taco Bell after. It had finally caught up with me. My parents tried everything from counseling, to outpatient re-hab, and ultimately a gym membership. It was at the gym where I found my home, but unbeknownst to me, it was just a band-aid for the wounds and there was still real work to be done. Read more>>

Racer DeBoard

At a young age, I developed an immense amount of motivation for success. Throughout middle school, I played 5 sports consecutively and was extremely active. I went from one practice to another daily, season to season. During the fall I would run 4 miles every day at cross country practice and then leave directly to football practice. With that being said, I was extremely busy all the time and always on the go. This period of my life developed my work ethic and time management. Furthermore, this caused me to be extremely competitive. Continuing to be competitive has opened many doors for me and allowed me to be successful in many aspects of my life. Alongside being competitive, I would consider myself very helpful and caring. I was raised by a single mother who has always taught me to put others first. Read more>>

Jessica Lewis

It started in 2016, with my wanting to do a clothing line. I didn’t know any of the details like designs or styles but I knew I wanted it to have meaning. One day, I came across a movie called “Red Tails” about how the Tuskegee Airmen helped win World War II. I got inspired and decided to base it on that. A lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice got me here and I’ve got so much further to go. Read more>>

Olivia Feldman

I started taking photos, funny enough, at a middle school sleepover. My friend’s dad had this amazing canon camera and I literally shot with it the entire night (very trusting of him to let a 7th grader use his professional camera I might add). I asked all my friends to pose in their pajamas and I was hooked. I had always loved art and was a creative child, but I became frustrated when I couldn’t portray exactly what was in my head, so the first time I used that camera I knew this was something I wanted to keep doing. Now, my parents definitely didn’t believe me when I said I wanted to pursue photography in middle school, but after enough nagging, they got me my first camera at 16. I think all of my friends were a model for me at one point or another in high school! I adored shooting portraits and rarely ventured into photographing any other subject. Read more>>

Yvonne McLemore

I am a survivor of physical & sexual abuse. My motto has been since December 31, 2006… Stepping out of my shame to help others overcome: physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Followed by Isaiah 61:7 For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion, they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore, in their land, they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them. I’ve been through so much even as a child. At the age of 18yrs old while babysitting, I was raped by the father of most of the children I babysat. At 19 I married. Shortly after getting married, it turned abusive. Not having a close relationship with my mother and my father passed away suddenly when I was 9. Left me feeling like staying in the marriage was my only option. I had nowhere to go. Read more>>

Matthew Pfeiffer

I grew up in Lake Orion, and my parents were manufacturers’ representatives for several large carpet mills. So, I grew up in the flooring business, and technology has been selling flooring since I was 5 years old. I used to sell their old carpet samples in my red wagon door to door throughout the neighborhood. After leaving college after one year, I went to work for the family business. I worked for them for 1 year, and then I branched out on my own as a carpet manufacturer’s Representative for several different mills. In late 2003 I learned that the flooring store in my hometown was going to close. I purchased Northern Flooring and Interiors in January 2004, and I’ve owned it ever since. Due to a changing retail climate, I evolved the business to what it is today, which is 2 different businesses under one roof, Northern Wholesale Flooring and the Floor Trader Outlet. Read more>>

Kimberly Marcilene

I am a Certified Motivational Coach. My company Beautiful Bold Empowering Women, empowers women from the side out. We also celebrate women in many communities who are never acknowledged and bring them to light on our platform. We have offered many free classes to underprivileged women to better themselves in the area of mental, physical, and emotional health along with free therapy by a licensed therapist. I provide motivational coaching sessions to women who are ready to step out of the shadows and create their own identities and take back the voice they once had. We are in our 7th year and on May 21st is our Women’s Conference called “Out of the Shadows” Many community leaders have donated their time to benefit the advancement of women with our organization. Read more>>

Shaun & Isabel Drone

Both Isabel and Shaun Drone are transplanted to the area. They have both lived in the greater Detroit area for 15 years. Isabel hales from Philadelphia, PA, and Shaun from Akron, OH. They met while they both worked at General Motors. At the beginning of their relationship, physical activity was a prime component of their relationship, and scheduled most activities around it. Shaun played on several recreational league flag football and basketball teams while Isabel was utilizing personal training. Once they got married and children came into the picture it became more difficult to schedule time for exercise. Throughout the relationship, Shaun had always been a DJ playing for corporate events, private parties, and fitness events. It was at these fitness sessions that Shaun was introduced to F45. Read more>>

Torrence Jackson

I’ve been drawing ever since the first grade. Since I never really got into sports my escape was cartoons and comics and movies definitely, number one show had to be Dragon Ball Z it was definitely my obsession from drawing stick figures to figuring out how to add features to tracing printed out DBZ images on my living room window I was hooked on anime for sure! Fast forward to 2012 after high school I had so much free time I decided to get back into drawing after years of practicing and learning I started displaying my work around 2014 I believe now I’m constantly improving my skills and released multiple online art collections and print releases currently looking for more art shows to be a part of and soon to do a solo art exhibit! Read more>>

Latrice Delgado-Macon

I knew I wanted to do fashion at a very young age of 8. I use to draw and create outfits. My grandma also showed be the behind the scenes of fashion. She was a seamstress and worked as a fashion designer for different churches and ladies in the gospel. My very first client was the group UNV, from East Lansing Michigan. From there I styled groups like Jagged Edged, 112, Missy Elliot, & local rappers. I worked with the show “The Game, Bet, Queen Sugar, Transformers, Detroit 187, Rolling out the magazine, Vogue magazine, Essence magazine, Columbia Records, Atlantic Records, up Entertainment, Fashion Party Weekend, Gucci, Macy’s, We Network, Housewives franchise, Grammys, and many more. Read more>>

Alyssa Landcaster

’m an only child, 10 years old going to a predominantly white school as a brown girl, and listening to an obviously prejudice woman tell my class how we could all be writers and inspire the world with our stories. She looked directly at me and said “well most of us anyway”. She went on to talk about how important it is to represent your truth and change the way the world saw things for the better. I wanted to do that. I wanted to change the world. But my story started in the ghetto, with a father in prison for armed robbery of a few banks, a mother working full time and going to school in the evening, and the only people I saw outside of my family were a bunch of examples of a life I knew I didn’t want. Domestic violence, drugs, broken families, rape culture, and death were becoming too familiar. I needed a way out, so over the years to come, I turned to literature. Read more>>

Jessica Torvinen

I bought my first camera in 2015 after I graduated from high school, however, it wasn’t until I became an intern for Studio Phrené that I really found my passion for photography. Phrené was my professor in college and gave me an incredible opportunity to be thrown into the world of wedding photography. My first wedding as an intern is one, I will never forget. I had zero knowledge of wedding photography prior to that day. I still remember doing detail shots for the first time asking, “Why does the bride have two rings?” not understanding what an engagement ring and wedding band even were. I was so incredibly shy and had difficulty communicating with the bridal party for photos too. I was completely out of my element. Read more>>

Katelyn Missig

I have always known since I was a little girl that I wanted to do hair when I grew up, actually when I was very little, I wanted to be an artist, and I truly believe that what I do today is art. I have three older sisters and I clearly remember seeing them braid each other’s hair, and being so jealous that I didn’t know how, and being much older than me at the time I was just their annoying little sister so they wouldn’t teach me. For my birthday one year, I got one of those Barbie manakin heads, and I taught myself how to braid, then began many years of internet hair tutorials and doing my friend’s and families’ hair for fun. I fell in love not only with doing hair, but seeing the look on people’s faces when they see their hair transform, and how beautiful they feel because of it. Read more>>

Jodie Kieliszewski

In 2007 a wild swarm of bees took up residence in a hollow tree stump on our property. We spent that summer watching them fly in and out of the stump, wondering about the little clumps of pollen they would bring in with them. That winter, we read every book our library had on beekeeping, and in 2008, we got our first hives. I had read about all of the wonderful benefits of beeswax and honey in skincare, so I started experimenting with making my own soaps and lotions. In 2009, we attended our first farmer’s market. I spent the next few years learning everything I could about cosmetic chemistry and preservative systems. In my experience, there was a place in the market for skincare made with natural, organic ingredients, combined with active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and peptides. Once I understood how to make a stable, safe, and natural emulsion with beneficial active ingredients, I embarked on learning about branding, next was website building, and then marketing. Read more>>

Khadejah Moore

It all started in High School I went to a vocational center for Graphic Design. I truly enjoyed it and realized I was actually good at it as well. I would partake in competitions and won awards through CCS (College for Creative Studies). From there I went to college to get a degree in Graphic Design. I got my start professionally working for a company my brother co-owns allowing me to take over marketing and design which really allowed me to refine my skills. Around this time, I had developed the confidence to step out on my own and begin to develop my own business and provide my services to everyone. Today I have worked with a wide array of companies nationally as well as some international. Read more>>

Sara Smith

I feel so lucky to have a career that I genuinely enjoy. Getting to make people feel transformed and good about themselves is the best!  I am originally from San Francisco and recently moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am a seasoned pro who has been a hairstylist for over 15 years. I started out doing hair at a funky salon in the Mission district of San Francisco. I was lucky enough to get to learn from some of the best folks in the industry. Last fall I opened up my own salon, Color Cut Collective, on the westside of Grand Rapids. This is an absolute dream come true! It is a welcoming, calm, plant-filled space. I offer unscented, environmentally friendly products as well as a quiet chair option when booking. For quiet chairs, I discuss with my guest what they would like and then they can just sit back and relax. No chitchat, just chill. Read more>>

Keyanna Reynolds

Nailedbykadeir took a few years to form actually. Before I did nails, I started off with selling lashes in the 9/10th grade. I had no clue of what I was doing I just wanted to start a business. Once I started my business, I fell in love no matter how many sales I made I just enjoyed packing & shipping the product & making content. I had always wanted to do nails I just made excuses as why I shouldn’t until the pandemic. When the pandemic came, I randomly decided to buy the products I needed to do nails. Once I got the stuff I practiced, sometimes I stayed up to 3 am just practicing. Read more>>

Logan Hansen

I created my blog in the spring of 2016 just as I was wrapping up my senior year at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It was initially called “Logan’s Run” (yes, like the movie from the 1970s) and in May of that year, it was where I documented a 17-day study abroad trip to Israel and Jordan — my last hurrah as an undergrad. Despite that, my blog didn’t become a space dedicated exclusively to travel writing until almost a year later, when I penned a post about an extremely difficult-to-get-to island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that was allegedly giving away free plots of land. After that, I started to crank out travel-focused posts on a regular basis, typically putting out four or five new pieces of content monthly. Read more>>

Freequent Flyers

The Freequent Flyers (Sammy Reign and Dlamp) started as a group of college friends freestyling whenever they caught a vibe to a beat. Sam coming from Detroit, Michigan, and Darrell from Kentwood, Michigan met at Grand Valley State. A bond developed through smoke sessions and a common passion for music brought us together. From hangouts to parties, it was always a cipher starting when we came around. Garnering attention from onlookers, people eventually would ask if we actually made music. It wasn’t long after that we gave it a shot, making a freestyle to a popular song at the time. Hungry to start, yet not having the proper tools, we made do recording on an XBOX headset in a closet with a MAC running GarageBand. Read more>>

Nate Bont

It all started about 5 years ago when I broke my foot for the 2nd time at the beginning of summer and was unable to go out and do my usual activities so I got a little pawnshop sewing machine and started sewing and used YouTube to learn how to sew oh no about 3-4 years ago I decided to focus on hats to make a hat that I wanted for myself then some friends inquired as to whether I’d make them hats, some people suggested maybe I should try selling them Which I began to consider and then with the coronavirus and shut down I begin researching and discovered the Fulton street farmer’s market did allow for artisans and I applied and got in there for their 2nd season. I’ve been slowly building a little cottage industry I suppose. But the Fulton Street farmers market is “my Lil shop” and I do all my sewing in my living room, much to my wife’s dismay, just up the down the road from the market. Read more>>

Radiance Cooper

I was born in Detroit, Michigan on July 30, 1998. I grew up in Harper Woods, Michigan where I attended Grosse Pointe Public schools. Growing up I always had a passion for learning and reading. In school, I could a part of many advanced reading groups for children who could read at higher grade levels. Growing up going to a PWI it was commonplace to be one of a few if not the only student of color in the class. It was difficult but I always had good grades in school and fostered strong skills. I graduated from Grosse Pointe North High school in 2016 where I was a member of the newspaper staff all 4 years as an assistant editor. Growing up, my family always instilled the importance of higher learning and I attended Loyola University Chicago in the fall of 2016 as first-generation college student. I graduated in 2020 with my B.A. in Communication Studies. Read more>>

John-Romeo Gaton

My story begins at the start of 2021. At the time, I was a 3rd year Engineering student who started to dread the idea of graduating just to work under someone else until I retire. Deep down, I knew that there had to be more to my life than only doing corporate work, and I became insistent on figuring out what that meant for me. After I finished classes, I would always head over to Downtown Detroit to envision myself living on my own terms in the tall buildings and skyscrapers. In May of 2021, I created a TikTok account because I was very determined to prove to myself that college was not my only option. I absolutely could not stand the idea of me working an office job for the rest of my life. I decided to make a name for myself on TikTok. Instead of being known as “John,” I wanted to use my late grandfather’s name – “Romeo,” – to reflect the respect that he had earned as a hardworking lawyer in the Philippines. Within the past year, I gained over 450,000 followers and nearly 20 million likes on TikTok – but most importantly, I started to build my own community. Read more>>

Kyle Brisendine

I’m Kyle Brisendine and along with my parents, Tom and Candy, we own and run Willow Farm. Tom and Candy are first-generation farmers and started farming all the way back in the 80s. I always joke that they were doing grass-fed before it was cool. What started as a few steers for beef became a small herd of cows. Then some pigs, then chickens. It’s entirely my fault we have sheep, when I was five, I got my first few sheep and have had sheep for over twenty years at this point. In the past few years, we have added goats and bees. Here at Willow Farm, we practice regenerative agriculture, which seeks to improve the resources it uses, rather than destroying and depleting them. Some of the ways we practice that include having all our animals spend their lives on lush, green pastures with plenty of fresh air and sunshine, as well as never using steroids, growth hormones, or unnecessary antibiotics. Read more>>

Adam Barnett

I am a single dad of 3 with a full-time job making tank parts in a machine shop. I turned my need for an artistic outlet and hobby into a small business of making furniture, serving trays, cutting boards, and multi-color epoxy inlays. I built a CNC machine in my garage before I even owned a table saw. I formed the business in February of 2020. When I lost my job during the early stages of the pandemic, woodworking became much more than a passive hobby. It became my only source of income. Fast forward to today and I’m working a day job in the machine shop again but also super busy with commissions and a growing Etsy shop and forming a plan to grow Barnett Custom Woodworks into a full-time job someday. Read more>>

William Braylock

I wanted to highlight fatherhood and those of us that are active in it. As good fathers, we always seem to get lumped in with the bad and I wanted to champion us, good fathers. Wanted to give us a uniform/ badge of honor with the logo that would stand out in a crowd. Read more>>

Chyna Breyana

In 2016, a friend and I were discussing how we need a side hustle. So, one day we were in the mall together and I see a crocheted top, I pick it up and showed it to her. I said, “This! this is going to be my side hustle!” She looked at me as if I was crazy. She sided-eyed me and said Okay. I replied, “you’ll understand once you see it.” Little did we know this side hustle would turn into a business. Read more>>

Jamar Lockhart

From as far back as I can remember I’ve always been interested in art. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI, and found my passion for art very early in life. I watched my uncle Derrick, grandmother Gloria and most importantly my father, Jerome all create masterful drawings. My dad had the greatest influence on me as an artist. I felt if I could impress him, I was good. As a kid, I loved to color in coloring books. I loved to take my time and color inside the lines, from there, my interest grew into creating my own characters and drawing superheroes and wrestlers throughout my primary school years. Once I reached Communication and Media Arts high school, my interest in art would lie dormant during my time as a high schooler because there wasn’t an art class. During this time, I didn’t create at all. It wasn’t until I attended Oakland University, that I became interested in art again. Read more>>

Makayla Steen

Growing up, my family was just barely middle class. My dad would work so much that my siblings and I barely saw him. He had to provide for my mother who was a stay-at-home mom to three girls and one boy. Life, when I was younger, wasn’t easy for me, as I’ve been dealing with depression as well as suicide since I was 10 years old. My parents weren’t the “happily in love” kind of couple. Even though they were married, they weren’t in harmony. So, there were fights and things that took place between them that children should be filtered from. Read more>>

Antonette Slobodian

Great things can happen during the darkest moments. It was March of 2020, I was working at one of the top kitchen stores in the US, which I called “my home away from home.” I adored every single person I worked with; they were like my family. I enjoyed going to work every day. I truly loved meeting new people and having great connections and conversations with them. I made families happy by providing great service and finding them exactly what they needed for their home sweet home! I knew how to sell, and I was good at it! Then Bam!!! The world shut down and like most people, I found myself at home scared of what would happen next. Read more>>

Alexa Hallberg

I started as most photographers do, shooting everything under the sun. Seniors, families, kids, you name it. A friend reached out to me and asked if I would do her boudoir session. At that point, I had never even heard of a boudoir so I looked it up and was shocked. I was like “you want me to take pictures of you like that?!”. Sure enough, I did the session anyway. I didn’t think she would like the pictures because I wasn’t very confident in how well I did since it was my first time. To my surprise, she loved the images. It made me feel really good to make her feel that good about herself. Read more>>

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