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Community Highlights: Meet Madinah Muhammad of Madinah Beauty Skin

Today we’d like to introduce you to Madinah Muhammad.

Hi Madinah, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today?
It all began with a makeup brush, an eye shadow pallet from the dollar tree, and a natural pressed powder by MAC cosmetics. I’ve always been a creative person but I didn’t truly tap into this creativity until 2009 while living in Atlanta, GA. Born and raised in Detroit I relocated to Atlanta with my two children to be with my mother who was living there at the time. The beauty scene in Atl was very different from Detroit during this time. I started to notice the beautiful artistry of makeup that many of them wore on a day-to-day basis. The eye shadow colors were vibrant, the blending was perfect, the contouring, blush, ombré lip shades, and don’t let me forget the details of the perfectly groomed/shaped eyebrows. It sparked a light inside of me. I wanted to learn how to do this beautiful art myself and I knew nothing but the small basics. I never wore foundation at all. Occasionally in college, I would apply a frosted eye shadow across my upper lash line lol the early 2000s. My roommates taught me the little I did know. I began a slight obsession with the Art and how it made women feel beautiful. I wanted to be a part of that. I was working in an assisted living facility when the journey began. I started watching YouTube. I started a notebook specifically for teaching myself how to become a makeup artist. I would come home from work in the evening and stay up all night watching tutorials about eye shadow blending, contouring, foundation application. For weeks and months, I practiced on myself. I remember I cleansed my skin so many times with makeup wipes that my skin became a bit irritated and I was forced to take a break. My mother would wake up in the middle of the night 2 am, 4 am and I’d be up practicing blending. I remember the moment I finally learned how to blend and complete a full face that looked appealing. I screamed and she’s a tear. The next goal was to learn how to do makeup on other people because it’s not the same as applying it on yourself. My family and friends were great supporters in helping me to strengthen my new developed skill as a makeup artist. They trusted me a lot lol because those beginning days were a lot of trial and error. One day I’ll show the glitter eyeshadow I attempted to do. 

When I set my mind to something there is no deterring me. I am a very determined person when I set a goal for myself. I will do whatever research is necessary, and make the necessary sacrifices. In 2012 I relocated back to Detroit. At this time, I was confident enough to call myself a “Makeup Artist” When I started this journey, I had a deep feeling in my heart that this path would lead me to something greater in my career. I had no idea what it was but for this very reason, I kept pushing myself to get better and learn more and more until that moment arrived. Now back in Detroit with a new skill I was nervous but ready to jump into the beauty industry. My friends and I were into the fashion scene. Black Muslim women from Detroit who wanted to add our piece of modesty and stylish fashion. We started going to networking events and fashion shows. All of us were creative, ambitious, and goal-driven. We all started doing professional photoshoots working on our own individual ideas but together collectively we were a team. I was the makeup artist, someone was the model, another person designing the clothing, another person wrapping the turbans and the head wraps. 

One exciting opportunity was when a local radio host found my makeup page on Facebook and reached out to me about working with her and team for events as the lead makeup artist. I was really happy and proud of myself at that moment. 

But everything isn’t always perfect. Life took a different turn. I went through some heavy challenges in my personal life and I stopped pushing myself and my artistry. I slowed down for a while. Loss some of my passion, my focus was off. In 2017 I was working at a doctor’s office. I liked the job but I began to fill unfulfilled. What is my purpose I began asking myself every day? I began praying specifically about my future and my career? What am I supposed to be doing with this skill that I taught myself and all the time I invested in it. I told my friends I need purpose. 

I started looking up the requirements to open a beauty salon in the state of Michigan. I learned that I needed to have a license to provide the services I wanted to offer. I started researching. Google led me to a “Esthetics License” which is an umbrella under Cosmetology. I started calling schools. I setup an interview at David Presley School of Cosmetology in Royal Oak, Michigan. I remember the day I walked into the building. I was nervous, scared, excited, and very very unsure. It so happened that they had one spot left for enrollment of the next esthetics class that would start the following week on Monday. It was a daytime class so that meant my job was a barrier. I was facing a major decision ahead of me. I was unhappy at work because my purpose felt as if it was suffocating. What am I going to do? I talked to my family, they were in full support of my goals, I prayed about it and the next decision was I resigned from my job and enrolled into the 2017 Esthetics Course. I stepped out on pure faith, yes, I was afraid, but I did it afraid in belief that God would see me through because He has in every other moment in my life. 

Fast forward. I loved Esthetics. I was so intrigued by this new world of cosmetic beauty that I was learning. I immediately fell in love with the skin and less and less with makeup. I was quite the introvert in school. I was focused on my mission but I wasn’t very outgoing. I wanted to be one of the best. I hold integrity very high. I aim to do my best and I’m eager to learn more always. The program challenged me. Pushed me out of my shell. Forced me to blossom into the person I now am that was all written for me to become. When it was time for us to begin seeing clients, I made a challenge to myself. How many clients can you bring in Madinah? Let’s see what you can do. I started promoting myself. I was handing out flyers everywhere I went. The gas station, the grocery stores store, on cars in the parking lots, one time my classmates and I were out promoting and I passed a flyer to a person in their car at the stop light. My family and community also supported me so much. I was pushing myself to the max but I was excited about who I was becoming. 

Nothing great is achieved without some hardships and I understand now that those hardships are what polishes you and makes you stronger. It was a Monday, our first date of State Boards at school. I had already missed most of my allowed days to be absent due to car issues. I needed to stop at FedEx in Royal Oak before class to print a document. We had to clock in by 9:15 or we would be sent home for that day. I walked out of FedEx with 20mins to get to school on time. I get inside of my car and it doesn’t start. I started panicking. I have my state board kit inside a huge tote, my backpack with my books, and my purse. My phone was not on so I couldn’t make a phone call. I got outside of the car. Looked for a taxi, nothing. Time is steady passing by. What am I going to do? I can’t miss the first day of state board. I picked up my tote, put my backpack on my back and my purse inside my tote. I started walking up Main Street toward the school. The tote was heavy, I was tired. I was sped walking. Time is still ticking. It’s not 9:05, I stopped and looked up, started crying, and saw that I didn’t have to much far to go so I kept walking crying the entire time. It was hot, I was stressing out from life and its tests. I made it into the school and I clocked in at exactly 9:15 am. When I walked in the classroom, I dropped the tote and started crying again. I was looking for someone to save me that day but I had to help save myself. I could have sat there by my car and missed states boards. I will never forget that day. 

I graduated from Esthetics a new woman. God always has the greater plan for us even when we do not know it. After graduating my teacher and the school’s director asked me what did I think about coming back to the school? I said sure I’ll come back to visit. They said no we mean coming back to teach! I did not take them seriously. Next thing I was in the office with the owner of the school, my teacher, and the director receiving accolades about my performance as a student and my potential to be a great Instructor. I was in a true state of shock. I didn’t go to school with one thought in my mind of becoming a teacher. 

By 2018 I now held to licenses in the state of Michigan. I taught for almost four years and have helped almost 100 students obtain their goal of becoming a licensed esthetician. I have had the opportunity to teach and mentor some amazing women, some younger and older than me. I value deeply what they taught me in my days of instructing. I still keep in contact with many of them and I love to see them excelling in their dreams that they used to share with me that is now their reality. 

I am now an entrepreneur and the proud owner of Madinah Beauty Skin that focuses on education of skin health not skin perfection. I believe that we can age well with proper education of our skin and what it needs. 

I am currently working on my own skincare line with three products currently developed. “Sunday Vibes“ Nourishing body butter, Cucumber/Calendula Faciap toner, and Unrefined Rejuvenating RoseHip facial oil. My future dream is to one day open my own school and assist more esthetic students with making their dream a reality. It Turns out I absolutely love teaching and through it all this is what that makeup brush meant in my journey all along. Don’t give up, something Greater is always coming Inshallah (God Willing). 

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
Financially I was struggling because I resigned from my job to pursue a career in Esthetics. My vehicle was breaking down every other week. 

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about Madinah Beauty Skin?
My business name is Madinah Beauty Skin but I am known as Madinah The Skin Therapist as well. I am Black Muslim Woman Licensed Esthetician and also a Licensed Instructor. I did not grow up seeing anyone who looks like me in this field. I intend to be a representative in the beauty industry for those who look and identify with me. To inspire and encourage young women in my community to confidently take up space. MBS is grounded in educating our clients first and foremost. We do not focus only on a beautiful canvas of skin but to strive for skin that is healthy not perfect. Our services specialize in acne treatments, anti-aging treatments, hydrating treatments, teen skincare, men’s skincare and we also offer Advance chemical peel treatment’s along with body waxing services with a specific focus on Brazilian waxing. I am proud of the people that MBS has impacted through skin health education. They are motivated and now understand how to truly care for their skin and why it’s important. 

Are there any apps, books, podcasts, blogs, or other resources you think our readers should check out?
Currently reading Dare to Lead by Brene Brown, Atomic Habits by James Clear, and Secrets of Divine Love by A. Helwa. Podcasts: Green Beauty Conversations, Myliek Teele to name a few 

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