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Michigan’s Most Inspiring Stories

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below.

Dr. Sarah Mokma

Even as a teenager, I saw people’s pain and had a heart for wanting to help people heal. I thought when I started college the best way to do this was to become a psychologist. However, after a few years of studying psychology, I knew I was missing something. It wasn’t until my daughter was born in 2000 that I began to realize what it was I was looking for.  As a baby, my daughter had chronic health issues that Western Medicine told me were normal. Yet my intuition told me that I was missing something; that there was more I could do to help her. So, I started researching and asking questions that led me to discover there was an entire world of natural healing that had the answers she needed. The more I learned about how important our food choices, lifestyles, and even emotions were for good health; the more I realized that I was not just supposed to help my daughter. Read more>>

Kennedy McMahon

I’ve always loved dogs. When I adopted my dogs, Remy and Penelope, I wanted to find a way to make healthy treats for them that had health benefits, no additives, and simple ingredients I could pronounce. I started this journey as a hobby so they could indulge in anything with me that I created in the kitchen, but eventually, I started posting my baking creations on Facebook for fun. They instantly became a hit. I began my research on how to start a dog bakery, and to my surprise, there were a lot of groups on Facebook that I joined and gained significant guidance from. I continued to create different treats, testing and challenging my creative skills before finally taking the leap to become an official business. So, here we are- The three of us creating, tasting, and serving to you healthy, simple, and affordable dog treats. Read more>>

Andre Mosley

I was born on the westside of Detroit MI in the year 1992 to my amazing parents Benita and Aundra Mosley who’s now been happily married for 30years. Growing up in Detroit Public School Systems was an interesting journey. I had a pretty active upbringing. I enjoyed the arts (music, drawing, painting, etc.) and sports such as basketball (being my favorite), football, skating, bike riding, and baseball. I was also a part of a few organizations that I feel shaped me in many ways such as Project SEED, DAPCEP, and the amazing Midnight Golf Program. I studied Media Management at MSU and graduated in 2017.  Read more>>

April Hubbard

Shop Mother Hubbard got started with my love to create things. I bounced around and got hooked on so many different avenues – screen printing, sewing, embroidery, digitizing, and dog bandanas! Figured out how to make them all work together, and here we are! Read more>>

Cortni McCarthy

Growing up I always had a bent for creativity. I was the one cutting up magazines and making collages to decorate my journals and bedroom walls. Knowing that my ultimate goal was to someday raise a family, I wanted a college degree that would afford me the opportunity of being able to work from home when that time came. Graphic Design seemed to check all the boxes. I could work in the creative industry and it would be a career that could easily be done remotely. I didn’t fully know at the time that it would mean running my own stationery business! My path to Graphic Design was actually inspired by the 2003 movie ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,’ along with wisdom and guidance from my mom, of course. Kate Hudson played a “how-to” columnist for a women’s magazine and I absolutely loved the idea of working in a fun, creative environment like that and aspired to be a magazine layout designer with my degree. Read more>>

Visionaire V

Growing up, I was always fascinated with having the better things in life and living life on my terms. If someone had told me when I was a child that I would be living the life that I live today as an entrepreneur, living life on my terms, I probably would’ve believed them. I wasn’t quite sure of the career route I would take to get there; I just knew I was destined to be someone who impacted the world. During my undergrad at Eastern Michigan University, I discovered an interest in Marketing while in an Advertising course during my sophomore year. In that class, my professor assigned us to create a marketing plan for a local business of our choice and to present our marketing presentation to the class. Like most, my team and I presented on an already established business that was well known. It wasn’t until one of the groups presented a marketing plan for their own business. Read more>>

Emma Reinhold

My fiancé and I adopted our rescue mutt, Charlie, in the Summer of 2020 at the same time we bought our first home. She was actually our good luck charm and a big reason our offer was accepted (more on that later).  Small House, Big Dogs started as a simple Instagram account for my dog (previously called @/ourmuttcharlie) that I made to avoid spamming my family and friends with pictures of our new pup. I quickly found myself sucked into the Instagram dog community, an amazing community in which dog people connect through their mutual obsession with their dogs.  At the time, I had another Instagram account and blog I used for sharing home decor and a cozy lifestyle. However, it’s not easy to maintain two Instagram accounts at once. So, I started sharing some home decor content on my dog account, and my internet friends encouraged me to share more. Thus, @smallhousebigdogs was born! Read more>>

Deaja Todd

I’m from Grand Rapids, MI. I moved to Detroit in 2016 to further my education, and I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Public Health in 2020. In August 2020, I started getting into lash extensions as a customer, literally from my first appointment I was hooked. I loved how my lashes made me feel, the look, and the aesthetics my lash artist created. It really felt like self-care and luxury service. I had been pondering back and forth if I wanted to take a leap of faith and take a lash course, I always thought that if God didn’t give me the natural-born talent, then it just wasn’t for me. After months of doubt, I finally registered for a lash course, and soon after was the beginning of D. Blinks Lash Lounge & C0! The beginning of my lash journey was rough. Read more>>

Sondra Vogel

I have been doing health and wellness for over ten years. By combining years of experience, knowledge, and research, I have a deep passion for helping others feel their best selves. Living a life active in dance and playing competitive sports, including Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Tennis, Running, Soccer, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Boxing, and Muay Thai, has taught me to always push my limits because I believe we are all capable of more than what we think. It also led me to believe in the importance of creating movement in our lives. Graduating from the University of Detroit Mercy with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree, I also hold many Licenses and Certifications, all adding to my growing and evolving knowledge of health and wellness that is all-encompassing for the mind, body, and spirit. Read more>>

B. Nur Saltik

I am a product designer who studied in London at the Royal College of Art. In 2013 I have founded my current design studio Form Seek. We started as the platform which curates collective design exhibitions and quickly evolved into a full design studio which creates and curates uniquely crafted objects. For the last 9 years, I have been designing objects and curating shows. In 2017 I moved to Michigan with my family and have been an active Detroit design network member ever since. Read more>>

Jamell Dacon

My name is Jamell Dacon, and I am from a small village in Trinidad called St. Margaret’s Village, Claxton Bay. I grew up listening to music every day whether it be in church, at school, from our house, or even at the neighbors. We had a competition called Best Village, where each village would have a competition of who had the best singers and dancers solely highly Trinidad and Tobago’s Afro and Indo culture. Hence, doing traditional African and Indian songs and dances along with Trinbagonian (Trinidad and Tobago) influential genres such as Extempo, Kaiso (influenced from African), Calypso, and Soca. Growing up I focused on school and track field dancing whenever I had the chance, I was always learning new trends and teaching anyone who wanted to learn so we can all be “cool”. Read more>> 

Justin Woods

My name is Justin Woods more commonly known as Sensei. I’m a photographer, videographer, director, graphic designer, animator, and 3D artist. I do a lot now but I started out by simply following my passion. In 2015 my father passed and one of the last things he said to me was to see life. After that, I went out and purchased my first camera to begin my journey as a full-time artist/entrepreneur. I took that camera everywhere with me and created opportunities to shine and make a name for myself as a notable photographer in Detroit. I started off by sneaking into music concerts with my camera pretending to be the official photographer and getting great shots of celebrities from local artists to bigger artists at the time like Lil Uzi, Travis Scott or Lil Yachty. Read more>>

Mia Risberg

I was born in Sweden but moved often as a child. Our family relocated every few years, sometimes from one country to another. I’ve lived both in France and Belgium among other places. Finally, as a young adult, I settled in NYC. There, I attended college, first at Pratt Institute, then Hunter College, where I graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art. I worked for several years as a book designer in the publishing industry, at Random House, and Penguin Books. After getting married, my husband and I moved to Ann Arbor, where he is a professor at U of M. We have been here for almost two decades now and live in a town with our two teenagers and our oversized rescue dog, Phil. As a child, I was a bit of an introvert who cherished my time in nature and enjoyed reading and drawing. I studied fine art in college but started working as a graphic designer to support myself while still in school. Read more>>

Lindsay Harris

I’ve always been that girl that had a camera with her everywhere I went, I asked for my first point and shoot camera for a birthday and I took that thing everywhere. My parents then upgraded my camera my junior year of high school as a Christmas gift when I was taking a photoshop course. It sat on my shelf for a few years and I’d use it every now and then. About 3-4 years later, I realized I had a decent camera sitting on the shelf, why am I not using it? So, I started asking my friends to model for me and posted on Facebook that I wanted to get into photography. I had several friends that I practiced with to really learn the ins and outs of my camera. In 2016, I decided that I was going to give photography a go! Read more>>

Maringlen Çika

Introducing myself I am Maringlen Çika, Singer and Music Producer. I’m 29 years old born in Tirana, Albania, and grow my artistic career there. I started singing when I was 6 years old and after I jumped on many artistic genres like painting dancing deejaying right in 2020, I published my first professional record song. Today I count more than 10 music on all digital platforms like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, and iHeart Radio I have 3 comings soon projected for this year and I hope that the audience and fans will applaud all the three songs I’m bringing to them. Read more>>

Emery Jone$

Emery Jones {born April 15, 1987}, professionally known as Em-J, is an American Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Fashion Designer from Detroit, Michigan. He taps into his life experiences to convert good energy, innovation & curiosity into hip hop and R&B songs. He aspires to further define the unique qualities that set his sound apart from the pack while providing social commentary on this crazy world around us and spreading some positive/motivational energy. He is also the founder and lead designer for a creative company, EMLE, improving the quality of life through innovative products and experiences. When asked what inspired him to start making music Jones says music has always been in his life. He would sing along with his mom around the house to Disney mixtapes on cassette. Read more>>

Tresa Deal Galloway

I am a mother of 4, an educator, wife, and parent youth advocate! I started Love Lace’s anti-bullying organization as a result of my son being bullied. After struggling with effectively supporting my son through his bulled experience, I came up with a product that would support him independent of me. I developed shoelaces inscribed with positive affirmation and the light up. When my son was sad and looking down, I want him to look down at his feet and see something that reminded him of all the great things inside of him. also, to know that there’s a light inside of him when someone tries to take him to a dark place. Read more>>

Micheal Darrisaw

I started by cutting hair at first. First thing I ever got paid for. Used that to get my job at a sneaker boutique in Birmingham Mi called Revive, I cut the owner’s hair two days after I met him. Never got my license so I learned how to be a salesman for the store. I was going to cut hair in the store originally. Worked at Revive for years. Became a buyer after a few and participated in the fashion weeks, showrooms, business trips, etc. Working at Revive was a tough but a great experience in total. Quit there and started personal shopping and wardrobe styling. Took my black book* from the store and told the guys why I left and what I was trying to do for myself. They believed in me! Draymond Green, Trevor Ariza, and Michael Kidd Gilchrist were all some of the first guys to give me a shot. Read more>>

Nicholas Provenzano

I spent the first 15 years of my career as a high school Language Arts Teacher at Grosse Pointe South High School. During that time, I became an advocate for technology use in the classroom. I was one of the first teachers in the state to have a class set of iPads for daily student use. Those tools required a drastic change in my classroom and I worked to create a paperless environment. These changes led me to be asked to present at a variety of conferences and helped launch my website, My Twitter and Instagram pages also grew (@TheNerdyTeacher) during this time. I was featured in articles on CNN and the NY Times over the years for my use of technology in the classroom to support classroom learning. I have written multiple bestselling books on using technology, project-based learning, and other teaching methods to support classroom instruction. Read more>>

Russ Hines

After being involved in the corporate media business for 15 years, it was time to look at my next venture. My wife, Michelle, and I wanted to stay in West Michigan. We are both so passionate about our community and this is where we have built our lives and our family.  While I was still in the corporate world, I had spent time talking with my colleague at Fifth Third Bank about the transition of ownership of the River Bank Run to another community partner. Once I was out of corporate America, we discussed the possibility of me creating a new organization and taking over the River Bank Run. In October of 2017 Riverbank Events & Media was formed. The transition to Amway as the title sponsor, with Fifth Third Bank as the presenting sponsor and Spectrum Health as our official health provider, has strengthened the foundation of this sacred community event. Read more>>

Tiera Radford

I got my makeup done for the first time ever as a senior in high school, and I completely fell in love with it. I taught myself how to do my makeup when I was 18 and consistently practiced on myself, my sister, cousins, and friends. With a lot of practice, two years later I felt comfortable enough to do makeup on other people, so this soon became my “side hustle” in college. Once I graduated college, I began to take makeup more seriously. I’ve taken multiple online masterclasses and a one-on-one makeup course. Today, I am now Rae Glamour Makeup! Read more>>

Ryan LeVanseler

My name is Ryan LeVanseler and I’m currently 29 years old. Born July 29, 1992. I was born into chaos and I made it out alive to share my story – from alcoholism, abuse, abandonment, betrayal, crime, drugs, death, and more. I left home at 15 and I didn’t think I would make it to see 18. Ultimately, through the fire and struggle, I was forged into a warrior of love.  I graduated from South Lyon East High School in 2010 and went on to pursue a degree in Computer Science before working in the IT industry for over a decade. Over the years, I began to realize that I wasn’t happy… I knew I was destined for more. That’s when the real adventure started to unfold. Read more>>

Martina Motley

Growing up I’ve always had a passion for the arts. I started dancing around the age of 13 just learning what I could from YouTube and putting it all together myself. As I got older, I got into church and started praise dancing and being a part of skits and cheer and anything, I could to stay into the arts and learn as much as I could. By the time I was a sophomore in high school I was attending Garden City High School. I was dancing on the dance team, sang in the choir, and in the plays. I eventually worked my way up to captain of the dance team. I was coming up with routines and mixing our music, even making our costumes if necessary. It wasn’t easy either, we were considered a club so we had no funding so it all fell on us as a team, but we made it happen and put on a great show every chance we got. Read more>>

Dawn Freeland

I have been in the insurance industry for 16 years. My main focus has been on Health Insurance, for the past 9 years. After working for a large insurance company. I decided it was time to start my own agency allowing me to grow my business either as large or small as I see fit. Also allows me to hire staff as needed and to provide the level of service my clients deserve. Our agency’s main focus is education, relationship building, and finding the best healthcare plans that fit the need of themselves, their families, or employees. Our approach to service is what really sets us apart. We don’t just quote you a policy, write the plan and then leave you to deal with any issues alone. We are a one-stop shop, and our journey together really begins once the plan is implemented. Read more>>

Vonnie Woodrick

Where to begin? It’s hard to believe that it’s been 18 years since I lost my husband to depression. I became a widow at the age of 39 to three young children, ages 5, 12, and 15. The journey to healing was long and painful as a death by suicide was judged, swept under the rug, and not talked about. I discovered that most talked about ‘how’ he died rather than how he lived. Living through this difficult time, I was forced to change. My goals and dreams shifted. No longer did “things” matter – life mattered. How were we going to move forward with so much judgment, and stigma surrounding us, not just for days but, for years? My kids and I decided to create the non-profit organization, I understand in hopes to raise awareness, bring the conversation to everyday places and change the views and narratives surrounding suicide. We began simply by giving tee shirts away with the words – I understand love heals. Read more>>

Mike King

When I was 13 I “borrowed” my grandma’s credit card to order a late-night real estate course I saw on an infomercial. I began consuming everything I could find on marketing and taking classes in high school around marketing. I was fortunate enough to go to college and play basketball but the school I attended didn’t offer any majors in marketing so that took a backseat for a few years. After college, I went on to play basketball semiprofessionally. When I finished playing basketball and needed to get a job, I ended up taking a job at a local factory stuffing bean bags all day. After about two weeks I was approached by the manager and he asked me what I was doing them. I responded to him that I was working and needed money. He asked me again why I was there. This time I told him I needed a job. Read more>>

Jasmine Williams

Growing up I have always had a Vanity and play makeup so o believes that’s where my interest started. As I got older, I started getting into makeup around my 11th grade of high school in 2016 became I was a cheerleader and did my eye shadows in my school colors and wore mascara. Then following into my senior year, I got into makeup more after prom I got to get my makeup done by a makeup artist in a mac store studio and I fell in love with putting on makeup. I then went off to college and in my spare time, I would watch makeup tutorials on eye shadow blending and how to fill in eyebrows and then my teammates on the dance team I join wanted me to do this makeup and help them. I was always told I should start to do people’s makeup but I never really gave it any thought until my friend wanted to get her makeup done for an event, she was having so I was so excited and honored. Read more>>

Emma de Crespigny

I was trained at Alan Moss in Manhattan. Alan Moss was a very high-end 20th Century Decorative Art store that catered to the rich and famous. It was not surprising for people including Diane Von Furstenberg, her husband Barry Diller, Susan Soros, Yoko Ono Madonna, and Mike Nichols to wander in shopping for their homes. After two years working there and doing a master’s in Design History at Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, I moved to Cape Town South Africa. There I opened my own store inside my own house. After two years I opened a big store for The New ~Modernist in the center of town and bought my own manufacturing factory to create my own line of furniture. I recently moved to Portland, Oregon. My intention here is to expand my business and open a store here manufacturing in South Africa and importing here. Read more>>

Hussein Hachem

When I was a teenager, Lebanon was at war. I had to move to a relative’s house during my high school years in order to be farther away from the front lines. I remember the echo of bombs in the distance as I tutored other students who were getting ready for our exams. I found peace in helping inform and educate others. Education was my sanctuary. After I came to America, I wanted to give back to my community through education. So many of the children in the community needed quality tutoring, but there were few affordable options. That’s when I created my business, Educate, which provides much-needed tutoring services. Now we are the most respected local tutoring company. I frequently give back from my business, helping deliver school supplies and backpacks to needy students. Read more>>

Brendon Rice

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Brendon Rice which is also my rapper’s name but I am 20 years old, representing my hometown Kalamazoo in Michigan. I started my passion for rap music at 10 years old when I was writing lyrics in his 3rd-grade notebook. My first ever lyric writing was my own remix of Lose Yourself by Eminem, he was the very first rapper to bring me inspiration with different styles of rap, and the way he writes his songs and the more I learned slant and exact rhymes and practiced freestyling, I realized in later years what I could really do with it. I am also a graphic designer for Gorjuse Production which is run by a local director MJ Harrell, I make movie posters, comedy promotions, business cards, and Only fans banners. Read more>>

Taylon Taylor

I am the founder of “I Am Taylon Taylor”. My salon culture has been established since 2018. My hair guests experience luxury, private one-on-one services for my signature Havana Twists. My business became a success after 15 years of experience with consistency and integrity to perform quality braiding services with current trends, hot colors and my signature finish touches to every hairstyle. Our #1 goal at Taylon Taylor Salon Suite is to go beyond every hair guest’s expectation to provide a clean, quiet, chic salon culture to keep my styling book busy. After focusing on a particular beauty niche: Havana Twists. I was able to go from the overlook to overbook. My styling chair was taking a turn from paying booth rent to establishing a salon suite of my own. My ultimate goal will be able to help another beauty professional that can help them to go from overlooked to overbook just like me. After all, I was not always Taylon Taylor. Read more>>

Eli Wilson

I’m an 18-year-old artist from Berrien Springs Michigan. When growing up, you could find 6-year-old me sitting next to the radio flipping through channels and listening to everything that I possibly could. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say “A Superstar”. It wasn’t until late into my junior year of high school that I started making music. It all started when my friends and I were bored and tried to make a song for fun. I realized I really enjoyed doing this and continued with the best partner in all of Berrien Springs. Felipe Navia! I would record a track and then send it to Felipe to edit the vocals. 6 months into making music we realized we were starting to make actual good music. I started posting on TikTok regularly and gained the attention of many different people. In my senior year of high school, I realized music was my passion and what I wanted to do with my life. Read more>>

Brittany DeHaan

I am a surgical nurse. During the pandemic quarantine from March through April 2020, I did not work much because all elective surgeries were canceled. I did have coworkers and friends working the COVID units tell me how painful wearing masks for 12-16 hours was for their ears. I have always loved headbands and owned around 40. I put buttons on these headbands for face mask ear straps and asked my healthcare friends who would like one. I got an overwhelming response from nurses and healthcare workers asking for one of the headbands with buttons to save their sore ears. I began to ask for help and donations of fabric, buttons, stamps, and headbands. Support was given by many and I am still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and help I received. Read more>>

Jill Reed

I have always had a love of design and anything aesthetically pleasing. When I was a child you would usually find me doing an art project, flipping through some sort of fashion or home interior magazine and, my favorite, rummaging through my mom’s closet pulling outfits and accessories together for a fashion show that I would entertain my family with later in the evening. That love of fashion and design grew as I got older. So much so, that I decided to make a career out of it. I went from a small town in Michigan to New York City where I got my degree in fashion buying and merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I was fortunate to be able to live in the city and work in the women’s designer apparel buying offices for such companies as Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. I loved my time in New York and it will always have a piece of my heart, but in the fall of 2000, I decided it was time to leave the city and move back to Michigan. Read more>>

China Capling

When I tell you that I have always had the desire to be a performer. I mean, I have always had the desire to perform! My earliest memory of trying to make this a reality was at age seven. I had somehow managed to wrangle the neighborhood kids to sing and dance to “Stop! In the Name of Love” by The Supremes on the stoop of any neighbor that would give us the time (and any spare change, Haha!). As I grew into adolescence acting became a big dream. Always, I’d opt-in for a theatre class in school but it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I was on a real set. At the time I suffered from a mild stutter which held me back from grabbing any large role. I was in this space of just wanting to create with and for the world but didn’t understand where I could fit. I love to sing but am not gifted in song, nor am I especially gifted in movement as much as I love to dance. Read more>>

Shawn Jones

Being from Detroit, I knew my journey would include entrepreneurship. I began to invest into the wine and spirits beverage Industry. I’ve had a love for great-tasting tequila while socializing since I was legally able to drink. That ultimately made me want to have my own tequila brand that can be enjoyed amongst many cultures. While working on bringing my tequila brand to the market, I was introduced to my first glass of red wine by a female friend. At that moment, I knew having my own wine brand was something I had to offer. Dai One Cellars was born out of love for great-tasting wines and smooth tequilas. While bringing my best selections, it’s important to me that my brand opens the doors for further representation across the beverage and spirits industry. Dai One is made to be enjoyed among cultures. Read more>>

Jenea Earvin

My great grandmother Mrs. Hazel Tatum was my inspiration for me starting my catering business! So, my father raised me. We lost my mother when I was two. Then at the age of eight, some unfortunate tragedy happened my grandfather (my dad’s father) passed away and he was the one caring for my great grandmother. So, my father decided that Grand Rapids, MI would be a good place to raise me. My father said, “don’t get him wrong Las Vegas is not a bad place to raise kids it’s just a fast pace city “. Who knew my moving to Michigan would end up me tapping into my entrepreneurial side? Having the opportunity to move to Michigan would be such a blessing! She and My mom (God Mother) were my mother figures they taught me the things my father couldn’t teach me. The funny thing about how it all came about me cooking was I stayed with my grandmother even when we purchased our own house! Read more>>

Melissa Smithers

MAD is an acronym for “Mothers and Daughters” My mom came up with this 30+ years ago. My mom has two daughters. I have two daughters and my sister has two daughters. We are all single moms who are intentional about leaving legacy through the women in our family. My goal is to create a safe place for women to Dream again. I call it the Dream Palace. Often times women begin to forget their dreams when the kids and marriage come (I did, and my mom did). Our identity permanently shifts to mom/wife. For some reason, we have been “Brainwashed” to think that we must put our lives on hold to be a “Good” mom and wife. This makes no sense. Thank GOD I was able to realize this before it was too late like my mom and many others. I now push this on to my girls. I tell my girls to wait on marriage and kids until they are 60 lol! Read more>>

Saint Boyd

In 2016 while messing around in the studio with a group of friends, I realized within myself that I enjoyed the process of starting and completing a song. I then graduated high school in 2017 and moved to college at Grand Valley State University. I built a studio for myself in a storage closet in my friend’s apartment, where I began recording independently. I then later formed a connection with Colin Cady, a fellow acquaintance who was also interested in the music industry. I evolved my sound by taking pieces that inspired me and mixing them together. Some examples include Drake, Prince, Michael Jackson, The Weekend, and Kanye West. I dropped out of college my sophomore year to pursue a full-time music career, with plans to move to Los Angeles, which was unfortunately ruined by COVID-19. Read more>>

Lawrence Lyons

The foundation of my story begins during the beginning of the pandemic. Until that time, I never knew how many things within were unaddressed as I was constantly on the move with work, school, and extracurricular activities. I was in search of solutions to the things I was emotionally going through and I sought Tarot, a card divination tool, after receiving a short free reading from a practitioner that intuitively picked up on things, I’ve never told anyone. As I practiced, I was curious about the helpful insight I could offer others. As I became a practitioner myself, more and more I began to see how my spiritual gifts aided in my clients overcoming some challenging phases within their lives. Embracing my natural gifts, I looked for ways to expand and utilize my potential. I made it a goal to become a Reiki Master healer which could fine-tune my healing gift and as I began that journey, it challenged me in healing my own traumas which dealt with internal shame. Read more>>

Jonah Drake

Inspired by the Discovery Channel series: ‘Tornado Chasers’ and the star Dr. Reed Timmer, Owen and Jonah Drake began to steadily gain interest in severe weather and had an increasing desire to share that passion with those around them in an effort to save lives and preserve property. Having completed basic weather spotting certification through the National Weather Service and having studied severe weather on a much more in-depth basis on their personal time, they decided to begin chasing severe weather near their hometown, north of Grand Rapids, MI in the summer of 2018 with only their phones, a single vehicle, and an NOAA weather radio. It grew from there into what it is today with a full setup of radios, computers, weather stations, cameras, drones, multiple vehicles, Ham Radio Nets, and even more passion!  Read more>>

Jessica Dooley

I’ve always had a love for photography, but it was always me admiring and not doing. My personal journey with it really started when I became a mom. I loved the idea of paying a photographer to take family portraits, but I was really craving a way to capture my family as they were – documenting the ordinary, everyday moments with them, and showing how special those things really were. Of course, I love the photos of everyone smiling at the camera, but my favorites were the pictures of baking in princess dresses and jumping on the couch in their underwear. Read more>>

Cassidy Coleman and Lily Noordyk

We are best friends, turned business partners, with a shared passion for creating beautiful spaces. We met in college during our time pursuing our Architectural Interior Design degrees, and have been inseparable ever since. After college, we both pursued different career paths in the Interior Design field and still felt like we were missing the mark on our purpose. So, we decided to ditch the nine to five lives for something that brought greater meaning to our future. A business where we can serve our clients more freely, as well as create that freedom in our own lives. Read more>>

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